Instead of buying a new car, you can buy a used one, and it can be a smart investment. You avoid depreciation, you pay lower registration fees and insurance premiums, and you can usually get a lot more cars for your money. But everything depends on the ride you buy. If you do not do your homework or if you are forced to buy the first model you see, you could end up with your worst nightmare. There are many outstanding used cars out there-do not be fooled by buying a car that is not up to par. Look for these unpleasant signs when you’re looking for a used car:

●     Smoke

If urn marks somewhere in that, or you’ll see buildup around the window frame. The windows probably have likely been down their entire life. The car also has probably been sprayed with every type of air freshener to cover the smell. Unless you are a smoker too and have no problem with the smell, then go for it. But if you intend to smoke in the car anyway, you could probably haggle and get a steal.

●     Check the Body Panels or the Paint Job

If it is clear that part of the body of a car has been replaced, this indicates that the vehicle has sustained significant damage at some point. A small advantage is not that bad, but cars that have been involved in serious collisions are a big risk. For example, if the frame of the vehicle was compromised, it might not hold up in another accident. The frame is designed to withstand shock and form a barrier between you and the other car in a crash. Without this protection, you are extremely likely to be badly injured. Therefore, if you encounter a car that has a visible panel replacement or a mismatched paint area, it is probably best to move on to the next car.

●     Check the Tyres

The tyres cost a lot of money and buying a used car that already needs new tyres will cost you several hundred dollars. If you are really interested in a ride that has tyres with a minimum tread, try to negotiate and work on a new game. Now, if the tyres do not match, it shows that they were replaced at different times and not much money was invested in the car. That is a clue that the previous owner presumably didn’t have the effort on the car very much in general.

●     Check the Fluids

Checking the liquids of a used car is important. It could tell you much about how great the car has been maintained and can reveal expensive mechanical problems that you don’t want to handle later. For instance, if there is oil mixed with coolant, there is a great possibility that the head gasket is coming out. Checking the transmission fluid can also provide you with a lot of information. If the transmission fluid is low, there could be a leak. And if it is dirty or full of metal debris, you should definitely reject it. That generally means that it has overheated, and that is an area you would want to avoid.

Now, if you have checked your newly bought used car and found those signs. It might be a good idea to just sell it, earn your money back and buy a better one. You can give Cash For Cars Parramatta a call to Sell your Used Car to us that you regret buying and have your good money back with the good deals they provide.

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